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Fixed Magazine #14 Cover.


Fixed Magazine #14

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Ian G. C. White - Photographs
Brother Cycles - Interview
Look Out - Jamie Kirkham
Bike Check - Thomas Poignant
Bike Check - Steve Tortorelli
Look Out - John Taki
and much more…

Fixed #14 launches on the 10th of March 2013!
© Fixed Mag


Photograph - © Ian G.C. White

Fixed Magazine Issue #14 front cover…

Fixed Magazine Issue #14 

Featuring: TBC!  

Fixed #14 launches on the 10th of March 2013!  
© Fixed Mag


Photograph - © Ian G.C. White


Tim is a Winner!!!!

Tim won our Continental Tires giveaway! Trust a messenger to get the answers correct!

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"If it ain’t Fixed - Break It!”

a------z said: Favourite place to ride fixed? Apologies if it's been asked before

-In the city, in traffic, during rush hour.

-In the mountains alone, pushing ourselves.

-Commuting to work day in and day out, whilst wondering what all these other people are doing on exercise bikes.

-Traveling the globe to compete in the next alley cat/crit race. 

-alone in our front room on the rollers or track standing and watching TV.

So many places!!!

Anonymous said: Just wanted to say in response to the previous person who made a comment using the term "real bike, you couldn't get a more real bike than a fixed gear. if it wasn't for the invention of fixed gear no one would be riding bikes as we know them so you can shut up and learn to ride a real bike + cheers Andy for fixed mag, love it!

Thanks! I really appreciate everyone who backs Fixed Magazine. I may be the one that put it out there, but it’s all of you who ride Fixed that make it possible to document what is happening in our growing scene. Fixed wants to push fixed gear culture in the correct way and is the fixed gear riders magazine, through and through!! - Æ

161171 said: Hi chaps, why no download or purchase of issue 5?

The PDF of issue 5 was lost in digital heaven a couple of years ago…Sorry!!

Anonymous said: answer for the conti competition are a) kevin bolger b) monstertrack ...timothy o brien

We have a winner!! Congratulations, send us your mailing address and we will get the goodies sent out to you! Well done :)

Anonymous said: Go get a real bike or I'll shove your single gear right up your ass. On a less pleasant note your all a bunch of hipster faggots please stop giving cycling a bad name, I hope you can't stop and you skid right off a fucking bridge.

I’m gonna forward this on to some one who cares…

Also, fixed is nothing to do with cycling as far as we are concerned.

I think Lance is more to blame for the sad state of cycling than we will ever be. Did you contact him? :)

Anonymous said: Let us know how your knees are doing in a couple more years please.

My knees are are great. It’s been 8 years so far…

It is not the brakeless-ness that ruins your knees, it is the gearing you choose. So even on a road bike you can have knee problems by not knowing which gear you should be in. Many people never know which gear they should be engaged in, we know because we see those riders all too often, pushing hard and going nowhere / spinning too much and going nowhere.

At least on a single speed bike your speed and effort is proportionate and balanced at all times, which is actually better for you over a shorter distance. Most journeys are shorter on fixed gear bikes FYI.

I’d rather my mind be intact than have arthritis in my fingers from brake levers!

Anonymous said: opinion on a front brake?

Front brake calipers offer peace of mind to those that need some peace of mind. I personally believe that brakes are a halfway measure that can hinder the way you ride a fixed gear bike. Brakes are for people that prefer not to think as much about what is going on around them whilst riding bikes. To be focused constantly, loose the lever. A person is only as safe as they can be whilst thinking on a bike. A Helmet or brake cannot save you if you are not thinking when riding.

In the last 10 years of living and riding in London, I have only had 1 crash and it was on a road bike. I was looking down at the front mech wondering why it would not engage (would never happen on a fixed gear bike!) and a car in front that had started to turn off the road, decided to stop halfway through the turn. I hit the trunk and flew over the bars. I did not double take and if I was riding on a “brake caliper-less” fixed gear bike I would have avoided that accident. That single incident would never have happened!

Helmets are good too, but all of the people I know who have crashed without helmets have never hit their heads?!


You can now pick up a Heather Grey WordToMother “If it ain’t fixed - break it” T-shirt via the Fixedgearlondon web store… HERE

You can now pick up a Heather Grey WordToMother “If it ain’t fixed - break it” T-shirt via the Fixedgearlondon web store… HERE

(Source: leidenfixedgear)

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chrisdonaj said: The Name is Kevin Bolger and The Race is The NYC Fun Race

Sorry! Wrong answer :)